Wellbeing – Mindfulness – Resilience.
Personal efficiency and productivity are key drivers of business success. While leaders often strive to generate peak performance and discretionary effort from their team, their own performance can be inconsistent, or they can have too little time to focus on the things that matter most.  

Constantly feeling under pressure also plays havoc with blood chemistry, concentration and sleep, often leading to feelings of lethargy and anxiety which further fuels underperformance.



Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Resilence are things to be enjoyed, not endured.

The actuality is, most people know what they should do yet most people don’t do it.  Why does this happen?   What are the reasons why?

Everyone has their reasons, however, if we all need some advancements in self-care, the best place to start is to examine and pay attention to the way we think because what we think determines the choices we make. 

It’s much more than the odd fruit bowls and lunchtime yoga session.  Being invited into a calm exploratory environment where ‘conscious thought’ can emerge has the powerful agency to cultivate a stronger connection to self, others and the world we live in.  When a new or revitalised intrinsic motivation is unearthed and felt, it instantly provides more balance and clarity on what one should do and should not do.  

Without question, all the innumerable pressures that we face daily we will always be bent out of shape, forced off balance and our internal harmony disrupted. It’s how quick we realise this and then what we consciously do to get our balance back.  

Conscious Thought + Conscious Action = Self-Care.  (The opposite to this is your natural default setting, unconscious responses and reactions)

Stress is NOT the problem…the problem is lack of Recovery and lack of Connection


If you believe you or your organization needs some assistance in this area, reach out.

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