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Terms and Conditions of MMA Team Pty Ltd

The MMA team wants to ensure that your training, conference or event is the best it can be. To assist us to deliver this high level of service, we believe that the following terms and conditions are the proven recipe for optimum success.


MMA receives confirmation of booking in the format of a phone conversation, face-to-face meeting or email from our client. Upon acceptance, MMA locks this date on our calendar and prioritise this date by not accepting alternative bookings. At this point, MMA will issue an invoice for the agreed fee including details of all relevant information. MMA ask that you review this confirmation notice and make payment within 14 days to guarantee your booking.

Cancellations and Amendments

It is said that nothing is as constant as change and MMA understands that at times circumstances can and do change.

Should the program date change post-confirmation, MMA will do our very best to facilitate the change in time. Due to MMA prioritising your event on our calendar we often have to say ‘NO’ to other requests on that day so will ask for compensation in the following ways:

If the same program is to be delivered, however, you want the delivery date to change, and this adjustment is made evident within 28 days of the agreed delivery date, a rebooking fee will be issued an invoice sent totalling half of the agreed price. Please note that this is in addition to the full-agreed fee that has already been invoiced.

If the same program is to be delivered, however, you want the delivery date to change and is made greater than 28 days of the agreed delivery date, the full fee paid will be proportioned to the new date. Please note that no further invoice will be required.

If the program is to be cancelled by the client within 28 days notice of the confirmed delivery date, no refund will be supplied.

If the program is to be cancelled by the client outside 28 days notice of the confirmed delivery date, MMA will refund 50% of the agreed fee to the client.

In the highly unlikely event that MMA should cancel a booking, all monies paid will be refunded to the client. MMA will also assist in exploring all avenues of sourcing an alternative provider.

Travel and Ground Transfers

Where necessary, the client will meet the costs of return fully flexible airfares and ground travel for any MMA presenter to attend interstate bookings outside the city in which that presenter is located. Before confirming this requirement, MMA will make every effort to coordinate their travel plans in the best interests to minimise transport costs to all clients.


Should any MMA presenter require accommodation before, or post their booking to coordinate with their travel plans, it is expected that the client will cover all accommodation and food expenditure outside of phone calls, internet usage and minibar charges.

Code of Ethics

We want you to know that at MMA, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.  The first question we always ask ourselves is “What is the best thing for our client?”  

We take this obligation very seriously and undertake to:

•     Maintain total confidentiality in all privy matters and to enter into confidentiality agreements when requested.
•     Maintain total confidentiality of all personal or team member information.
•     To expose no one at physical or emotional harm.
•     To always be honest with you in all of our dealings.
•     To always totally support each other within the MMA team.
•     To not enter into any agreement or accept any engagement that would expose MMA to a conflict of interest.
•     To always do our best to help you clarify and reach your personal and professional goals.


MMA is proud of what we do and how we do it. Your MMA experience will be like no other. To protect the uniqueness of your experience MMA advise that the engagement may not be recorded or reproduced without written approval and subject to further negotiation. Should you have any queries or require any additional information, please feel comfortable to contact this office.


Managers or conference organisers often ask MMA to provide something as a tangible reminder to the unique experience delegates have had at the conference. MMA has a range of products including books, audio CDs and DVD presentations that make the perfect tangible reminder. The best selling book ‘Get in the Go Zone’ may be just what you are after.

All orders of these items as you confirm your event booking will receive a 20% discount on the total fee of those products. (Please note that no reduction in the fee of the event itself is applicable).

Payment Methods

Standard Payment method is by electronic transfer, cheque or credit card (Visa and Master card only. Please note that a 2% processing fee applies for credit card transfers).