Our Team Effectiveness Programs are designed to get the ‘results’ you need and can be conducted in any indoor or outdoor location around Australia and overseas.



We have worked with well over 5000 teams. 

We guarantee we can design and provide the ideal team program for you.

If you have a team and are looking for team building? We encourage you to be curious about the difference between team building and team effectiveness.  When looking for a team program, the first thing we recommend is to ensure the program will deliver what the participants need, what the business needs and not just what people want.

We believe there are three fundamental types of team program categories.  

Category 1:  Fun, rewarding and entertaining.  
These types of programs are to increase overall engagement and general morale.  We would consider these to be team building.  There are no real strong business links presented during this process, just serious fun!

Types of these programs include making fun movie clips, amazing races, graffiti spray painting, bike building, all the FUN stuff. You name it we’ll make it happen.

Category 2:  Fun + Specific team components to improve.
The purpose of these types of programs is to develop specific elements of the team’s effectiveness.  Some examples are; having difficult conversations, setting more explicit expectations, establishing strong working relationships, understanding communication preferences and styles, adjusting to disruption and change many more.

Types of these programs include communication activities, problem-solving and decision-making activities, adaptability and planning activities, and activities that focus on building vulnerability trust and respect.

Category 3:  Increase and Sustain Performance. 
The purpose of these types of programs is to identify new opportunities for individuals and the team to evolve and produce sustainable high performance.  

To achieve sustainable high performance, we must embark on a holistic approach to ‘performance’ and go beyond the standard components that provide team functionality.  

Core areas that we typically explore are; growth mindset, mindful observation, personal effectiveness, rest and recovery and personal resilience.  (physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive)

These types of programs typically involve three multi-touch sessions over an extended period.   Once off programs do not work at this level.  

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“Fun, relevant and very worthwhile. Over 95% of attendees rated your session as excellent. I highly recommend MMA TEAM for the future.”

Manager, BP

“First class team of facilitators! They were spot on identifying the issues. A fine effort and enjoyable day.”

Manager, ING

“I contribute the excellent feedback to you’re approach and attitude to the group.”

Manager, Aust Automotive Aftermarket Association