We suggest if you want mind blowing results, you should expose people to 
mind blowing environments. Our R.A.W experience has become increasingly more popular due to the results & experiences it provides. Through the R.A.W program, your team will be exposed to challenging content in challenging, yet picturesque environments. R.A.W caters the time and space to explore context whilst providing ample opportunity for reflection and collaboration.

 No powerpoint presentations, 100% value. 

Participants tell us that this experience is unlike any other. R.A.W tends to leave participants wondering how they achieved so much in just a few days. 

The program is a 2-3 night experience and one well worth the time investment. The time of year, participant numbers and outcomes objectives would determine the location. We have a range of regions that we use.

I must confess, when I first arrived and set up camp I thought what on earth am I doing here?
What a complete waste of time, I’m busy, I’ve got many things to do, more important things to do…Now after completely the program, I’ve had an incredible experience and it’s a 10 out of 10 from me and that’s absolutely without a shadow of doubt, it’s a wonderful experience. – CEO Host Plus

Increase Performance

Ready and Willing (R.A.W) gets back to basics.

R.A.W combines physical, mental and emotional challenges all conducted with the Great Outdoors as our Conference room.

R.A.W guarantees to strengthen your culture and develop your Leaders.

R.A.W has the capacity to include highly valued feedback sessions that will leave every participant wanting more. For teams who are prepared to do things differently in the quest

For teams who are prepared to do things differently in the quest to be more effective in the future, this program is a MUST for you. The off-sites that provide a better return on your investment allow people to pause from the demands they face every day; assess where and how they are spending their time; and decide then plan a course of action that re-aligns their efforts towards achieving the desired results.

Even the most exciting and energetic off-site will be remembered as a failure if it doesn’t produce tangible business and personal results.

“Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this amazing experience. Attending this experience has just made me realise how proud I should be to (AND I AM) to be a part of this amazing company”

Manager, HOST PLUS

“You guys were amazing, very raw and no bull****, sometimes we need it handed to us that way”

Manager, Bendigo Bank

” I came to the event ready and pumped, not knowing I would get as much as I did from the three days”

Manager, Hawthorn Football Club

“This is the ‘3rd time’ I have taken people from my management team through the MMA RAW experience and this one was the best ever!”