MMA TEAM truly believe in the equation Leadership x Organisational Culture = Performance (L x OC = P).

Our Leadership Development Programs are designed to develop the nominated leaders within the company so that they are more equipped to make better leadership decisions. To reduce inconsistent leadership and cultural behaviours, increase staff relationships (connections) and improve the leadership impact of these leaders.



We believe it’s vital to expand beyond the habitual repetition knowledge based classes, and begin to develop more holistic, dynamic and experiential-based approaches in order to effectively generate excitement and curiosity towards Leadership Development.

We define Leadership through the behaviours, attitudes, values and actions of people. The level that people display these will determine whether they are considered to be leaders or not, regardless of title. We have developed a framework of 5 Pillars which identifies the broader elements of what leaders do. 

We title our Leadership Development Programs as JET (Joint Engagement and Teaching). 

The 5 Pillars are:

1. Setting Expectations

2. Living the Example

3. Taking Responsibility

4. Encouragement of Self & Others

5. Involvement of Self & Others

The 5 Pillars of Leadership also allow us to look through a number of lenses to view the pillar as a single layer, or as a multi-faceted layer where even greater levels of understanding are possible. The below tables will allow for all levels to be discussed, analysed, rated and planned and will enable for a greater learning experience both for the leader and their team who experience this greater understanding through action.

In developing competence and behaviours, we also set up the framework to create an ‘achievement focus mindset’ ensuring that leaders:

  • Strongly believe that you can make a difference through your own efforts.
  • Create their own standards of excellence.
  • Are self-directed and goal oriented.
  • Lead by example and motivate others.
  • Take calculated risks.
  • Accept and share responsibility.
  • Are comfortable with conflict. Just deal with the issue and move forward, no personal attachment.

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“Fantastic – have done 20-30 of these ‘leadership’ courses previously and this was the best yet”
Manager, BHP
“This course has been set out in an outstanding way that kept me interested for the whole course”
Manager, BHP

“I was particularly impressed with MMA’s professionalism and continual contact.”

Manager, OPTUS