‘JET’ Leadership Development

MMA TEAM’s Leadership Programs are pragmatic, engaging and outcome driven. This unique program is called JET Leadership. (Joint Engagement and Teaching)

‘Joint’ – because the program is a group effort involving Senior Exec, Managers, Team Leaders and MMA Team.

‘Engagement’ – because the process requires total involvement without passengers.

‘Teaching’ – because there is a common element where participants share information, coach, mentor and challenge each other, which is the essence of true teaching.

The clear aim of the program is to enable the leadership behaviours of the Team Leaders/Managers to identify and develop potential, drive business performance and link all leadership behaviours to the Organisations Values.

The program also builds engagement and aspiration by ensuring all participants enjoy every interaction throughout our program.

The unique program has been designed and tailored to incorporate 4 Learning Phases (LP) in each of 6 Key Organisation Leadership Competencies (Modules). They are Pre Learn, Learn, Transfer and Result.

The JET Leadership approach incorporates face to face learning, peer information sharing, coaching from Leaders within the Organisation, a tailored Leadership Project and external support.


“It’s a given that the JET (Joint Engagement and Teaching) leadership program will build capability in our leaders.  The greatest benefit has been the leaders teaching each other the key learnings from each module.
JET has brought our leaders closer together, holding them accountable to each other and reinforcing  the companies values of working together to drive results.”

Key Points

  • JET Leadership challenges participants to disseminate information and learnings to a nominated peer partner.
  • JET Leadership reduces formal ‘classroom’ time.
  • JET Leadership manages and limits time requirements from supporting Senior Managers and Senior Execs.
  • JET Leadership enables 4 Phases of Learning as each participant coaches, and is coached in each module.

JET Leadership leaves no place to hide!


Potential Modules Include

Leading Through Vision and Behaviours
Learning outcomes

  • Competently set, articulate and inspire the direction for the team and individuals within the team (including self).
  • Competently plan a framework for success which aligns to the desired direction through behaviour and action standards.
  • Identify own style of leadership acknowledging strengths and limitations.

Strong Professional Relationships
Learning outcomes

  • Acknowledgement and use of adaptation techniques to interrelate with a wide audience.
  • Competently use coaching techniques to enhance individual performance.
  • Identification of how to involve and engage staff.

Wellbeing / Resilience
Learning outcomes

  • Acquire a set of behaviours and strategies that allows a level of adaptability to respond to varying demands within the business.
  • Acquire a set of skills to continue to perform at desired standards regardless of the situation and personality involved.
  • Competently prepare a planned approach for your own performance.

Planning and Organising
Learning outcomes

  • How to prioritise the needs and wants for the business (and staff).
  • Learn how to create your ideal environment by eliminating distractions and excuses.
  • Organisation of resources to minimise waste and maximise productivity.

Leading Change
Learning outcomes

  • Create the environment conducive for the performance standards expected.
  • Influence staff to understand and support the direction that has been set.
  • Use difference of opinion in a positive manner to challenge status quo and enhance productivity.

Decision Making
Learning outcomes

  • To understand and embrace the importance of decision making and have a willingness to do so.
  • Design and implement a decision making methodology based on company and individual values.
  • Identification of boundaries and how to use these boundaries when attributing accountability.

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