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Derek Percival

I have an overwhelming curiosity and desire to help people find new insights to challenge and break the moulds of deeply ingrained patterns of thinking.

I’m just as much a student as I am someone who promotes (through curiosity) the continuous cultivation of equanimity.

Understandably with all the many complexities of relationships and life pressures, unfortunately, we will always have issues and divisions will exist. However, the things that divide us are also the exact things that connect us!

Through the exploration into self, self-inquiry, we can identify possibilities not previously seen as an option for us to consider. For example; when you start laughing that the things that use to frustrate you, you have applied your intelligence, not someone’s else’s ideas, beliefs, desires or structures.

I passionately believe we all need to encourage everyone to look at things freshly and objectively without models, theories or preconceived ideas but to look at self and the relationships with others and the world in which we all live.

When we allow conscious thoughts to emerge, clarity, calmness and balance arise, its then we can make conscious decisions instead of reacting from our conditioned natural default setting.

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