Derek Percival

I have an overwhelming curiosity and desire to help people find new insights to challenge and potentially break the moulds of deeply ingrained patterns of thinking.

Understandably, with all the many complexities of leading people, relationships and life pressures we face, we will always have issues & challenges and there will be differences that still exist. However, through an authentic exploration into oneself, and understanding the impact one has on others we can then begin to identify new possibilities available to us as leaders to have a positive impact on the people we lead and the people around us.

As we increase our awareness as leaders, (of self and the situation) combined with effort in the right areas, we can influence better outcomes. It’s also not about continually adding things to our already complex days; sometimes a solution or insight might arise by merely letting some things go.

I believe it’s valuable to encourage everyone to look at things freshly and objectively without preconceived ideas, looking at self first. 

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