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David Wegman

Everywhere you go, there you are!

David’s passion is helping people to see themselves from a space of acceptance, awareness and presence. With the practice of self-reflection and mindfulness, David affirms one is able to grow beyond self-imposed limitations and view oneself as a survivor, not a victim.

David has a rich and diverse background allowing him to draw on a vast array of life lessons, hard earned through first-hand experience. During 13 years with The Australian Special Forces, serving as a Commando, David witnessed the depths of human endeavour and courage both on and off the battlefield. He then went on to specialise in the use of adventurous training to enhance soldier’s resilience, leadership, communication and teamwork.

David has also studied and practiced Architecture, understanding how people relate to themselves in the built environment, and how communication and honest interpersonal dynamics are essential for team success.

An engaging and passionate presenter, David is as insightful as he is entertaining. He weaves a mix of brutally honest self-reflective anecdote, humour and theory, allowing audiences to feel comfortable in viewing themselves from a place of self-acceptance.

As a facilitator, David holds space in a non-judgemental way, where individuals are able to be vulnerable, to share, to self-reflect and in turn, grow. A keen proponent of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and adventure based resilience training, David is able to teach participants how to come back to their centre in even the most chaotic, stressful and overwhelming situations.

David has taught, presented and studied both in Australia and abroad and continues to grow alongside the people he teaches.

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