Nothing is permanent in this mysterious world, not even our deepest troubles.

Over last three and a half decades, MMA TEAM has passionately evolved to embody a greater holistic understanding of what change really means to individuals, relationships, teams and organisations. These insights have enabled MMA to become trusted advisors to large, medium and small organisations.

MMA has a depth of experience in designing and delivering customised, organisation-wide values and connection programs. We also possess the skills to service the re-invigoration of pre-existing values. It’s not the value that’s important; its the attachment one has to the value.


Disruption or Innovation?

Organisational change is not optional, however, the way we move with it is.   We cannot stop the waves, but we can learn to surf.

Why is change so difficult?

When things don’t feel right, we tend to stop and our propensity is to revert back to the known, the common, the familiar, how things were.  For adjustment to transpire; it’s not only what the business needs to provide, (direction, information, conviction, support, encouragement, opportunities) it’s what the individuals need to do for themselves.   The actual change happens on an individual level.

With over 60 years of relevant experience, we enjoy designing and delivering specifically tailored programs and real business outcomes by helping and supporting people create practical and pragmatic actions that manifest real change.   This requires not only the understanding of WHY the change needs to happen but how individuals can adjustment themselves to suit.

We pride ourselves on collaborating effectively and efficiently with learning and development departments/academies.  This ensures all current knowledge and expertise is fully utilised to collaboratively design and tailor a bespoke program which achieves all desired outcomes.  Our change programs are designed to utilise the rich diversity of styles that exist among the participants resulting in new opportunities and possibilities for the participants to identify and explore themselves. 

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“Seriously… the feedback from those who have been through has been incredible”

General Manager of People & Culture, Jellis Craig

“The impact that we have seen heard already throughout the business has been amazing”

L&D Manager, Lumo Energy