BASIC is an acronym for:

B     Boundaries

A     Accepting Reality

S     Self Confidence

I     Investing in YOU

C     Consistency

We begin with the concept of Boundaries, the ‘B’ in our BASIC acronym.

How to set Boundaries that stand the test of time. Boundaries are the limits you set, the personal disciplines you commit to, and the time based habits and rituals that you consistently adopt. These are your lines in the sand.

Accepting reality…is like harsh daylight on your mirror, a time where you really see yourself and where you are at. Accepting reality is self awareness; it is being aware of your likes, dislikes biases and existing habits. It’s taking stock of exactly where you are in life.

Self Confidence for many people is the missing link; it’s the one thing that stops them from being more successful and content than they currently are. We share strategies that enable people to develop more self confidence, to essentially create our own ‘Guilt Free’ certificate.

Investing in yourself and your future is the 4th component of the BASIC philosophy. It’s the habit or pastime that we need to ensure we are recovering from the stress we face at work. It’s a time where we become so immersed or at least so distracted from the day to day that we recover and reset our physiological parameters. It’s play, it’s fun, it’s learning, it’s whatever you like to do that’s legal, does no one harm and gives you a boost.

Consistency…the final factor in the BASIC philosophy is the action plan, the pathway of how to live in balance day to day. Participants are challenge to create a minimum of 1 x 2 hour boundary during the working week for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks. They share these commitments with a ‘partner in time’ who follows up, motivates and challenges until the boundaries become habitual, the acceptance becomes true and the self confidence is strong enough to make it through the tough times.

The BASIC philosophy also includes recognition of the key factors in ageing well and the 4 ways to create time.