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Life Tip 3 – Sleeping effectively

You can sleep effectively. Prepare for sleep by creating a mental refuge, a buffer between the problems of the day past and the challenges of the morrow.  At the end of your day, imagine huge steel doors slamming shut to signify the end of your labours, then make a real effort to ‘let it all [...]

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Life Tip 4 – 2 hrs for you

Two guilt free hours weekly just for you! Not for work, not for personal or professional development, not even for family, just for you! Cruise the shops, have a massage, read the paper, hit golf balls, watch videos or just stare into space. Whatever it is, make it for you, and refuse to feel guilty [...]

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Life Tip #5 – Switch off your phone?

Have you ever stood in front of your microwave, thinking, ‘c’mon, c’mon I haven’t got all minute’! Do you have more time now than before you had a mobile phone? Your mobile should be a productivity, efficiency and safety tool for you, not a convenience for everyone else who has your number. If your phone [...]

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