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‘JET’ Leadership Development

MMA TEAM’s Leadership Programs are pragmatic, engaging and outcome driven. This unique program is called JET Leadership. (Joint Engagement and Teaching) ‘Joint’ - because the program is a group effort involving Senior Exec, Managers, Team Leaders and MMA Team. ‘Engagement’ - because the process requires total involvement without passengers. ‘Teaching’ - because there is [...]

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Life Tip 1 – Don’t work on your Birthday

Unless you have absolutely no other option, don’t work on your birthday. Don’t let it slip past as just another routine, faceless, ‘one out of 365’ day. This is your day, Celebrate. Every day is special, but birthdays are milestones, benchmarks. Put enough birthdays together and you have a life, your life. It’s a [...]

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Life Tip 2 – Cool Under the Collar

2 To find out if you’re stressed, just feel the nape of your neck with the palm of your hand! One direct physical effect of anxiety is decreasing blood flow to peripheral areas like the skin at the back of your neck. This causes reduction in blood flow and therefore a decrease in skin [...]

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RAW Leadership Experience

W e designed this Leadership Experience to encourage people to view their current situations from different perspectives. This means feeding them challenging content, supplying time for reflection and collaboration as well as providing the environment that is more stimulating than a training room and Powerpoint Presentation. We have witnessed amazing results with the leaders [...]

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Create Time – Go back to the BASICS

BASIC is an acronym for: B     Boundaries A     Accepting Reality S     Self Confidence I     Investing in YOU C     Consistency We begin with the concept of Boundaries, the ‘B’ in our BASIC acronym. How to set Boundaries that stand the test of time. Boundaries [...]

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