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Personal efficiency and productivity are key drivers of business success. While leaders often strive to generate peak performance and discretionary effort from their team, their own performance can be inconsistent, or they can have too little time to focus on the things that matter most.  

Constantly feeling under pressure also plays havoc with blood chemistry, concentration and sleep, often leading to feelings of lethargy and anxiety which further fuels underperformance


Stress is NOT the problem…the problem is Lack of Recovery  

 Are You a Victim of Circumstance or Master of Your Own Destiny?

When you ask business people about the most important things in their lives, the majority nominate family, health and happiness.  Financial remuneration usually rates as the sixth or seventh response.  Many of the same people simultaneously commit themselves to 70 hour per week jobs that keep them away from their families and impinge greatly on their personal health and happiness.  At best this creates a personal disconnect…a battle between what they say is important and the way they actually live.

Why does this happen?

One factor, the factor that drives us beyond logic, is our need for success, achievement, power and recognition.  It is all too easy to allow this need for achievement to override our other innate human needs, and stated life goals.  The other issue is inheriting and developing a role with huge time demands, a role that can only be executed effectively if every other pillar of life is sacrificed to allow enough time and effort to get the job done.

“Brilliant” was what I heard so many of our clients say about your presentation last night. You inspired the whole room with your energy and insight, and I know this is going to have a lasting positive impact on our clients and their businesses”

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“Thanks SO much, the session was exactly what I wanted”

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