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MMA TEAM has refined its training and development capacity over the last three and a half decades to become a leading and trusted provider to councils, corporates, sports and other large, medium and small organisations.   

MMA has a depth of experience in designing and delivering customised, organisation-wide values programs. We also possess the skills to service the re-invigoration of pre-existing values. 


Sustainable change will only occur when people powerfully experience the change and have some success with the change!

With over 60 years of relevant experience, we deliver specifically tailored programs and real business outcomes by helping and supporting people create real actions that manifest real change.  

We have a proven history of collaborating effectively and efficiently with learning and development departments/academies.  This ensures all current knowledge and expertise is fully utilised to design and tailor a bespoke program which achieves all learning outcomes.  Our programs are designed to unearth the rich diversity of styles that exists among the participants resulting in new opportunities and possibilities for the participants to explore themselves. 

Always choosing the easy options can make life hard…   although choosing the harder options can make life easier!  

“Find your intrinsic motivation to stop accepting your normal automated responses. To achieve sustainable change, you need to evolve past your current self-imposed limitations.” 

Call us on 1300 480 990 and we’ll discuss all our change programs in detail.

“Seriously… the feedback from those who have been through has been incredible”

General Manager of People & Culture, Jellis Craig

“The impact that we have seen heard already throughout the business has been amazing”

L&D Manager, Lumo Energy